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Worditout for Vocabulary Learning/Teaching

        I review the website in this post. I will briefly mention about what the purposes of the site are and how we can benefit from it. I, as an English teacher worditout-thumbnailcandidate, chose this site as my topic as I think that it is both quite useful and joyful in teaching and learning English words. As soon as I met this site, I understood that I would be using it since I am really interested in words but I tend to forget them easily. I also thought that when I am a teacher, I can prepare some activities in the class for my students if I want them to practice words. The purpose of the site is allowing you to create different types of word clouds so that you can study in an easy and entertaining manner. It also allows you to look at other users’ works and use them too. In another aspect, you can determine on the color and shape of the words and adjust their sizes. And, it is completely free to access. Continue reading “Worditout for Vocabulary Learning/Teaching”

Modals 2 (Posters)

Adjectives (Posters)

Free Online Courses to take this winter break

Here are some of the courses you can take for the next couple of weeks:

Exploring English: Shakespeare by British Council (Improve your English while exploring the life and works of William Shakespeare by taking this online course)

Starts on January 11th / 6 weeks / 2 hrs per week Continue reading “Free Online Courses to take this winter break”

Create digital lessons in 5 minutes

As a future teacher, I will prefer to use technology in my teaching career. One of those sites will likely to be through which you can create digital lessons in a very short time!  The site is generally used by the teachers, their students, and the people who would like to find educational and teaching jobs. The site is mostly open-access with free membership. You can login to the site with your Google account without any registration procedure. The site consists of three main parts. Jobs is used for finding educational and teaching jobs all around the word. Resources section is mostly used by teachers because it has different kinds of material and you can make your own lesson quickly. Finally in the news section, you can check out the latest education related news. I want to focus on the Resources and News in this post and share how teachers can benefit from them.


Continue reading “Create digital lessons in 5 minutes”

An Analysis of

The internet continues to offer so many facilities to both teachers and students about teaching and learning a language day by day. One of the most popular sites is Busuu, which is a social network for learning languages.


Continue reading “An Analysis of”

Articles (Posters)

Using “News” for Learning English

Technology generally aids in two main ways in language learning and teaching process: providing teaching resources and providing learning experiences. Technology is associated with language learning in terms of providing resources. The technology of the past used to be a chalk and a blackboard but later many technological devices such as film strips, audio, video recording and playback equipment were added . With the help of internet, teachers can reach authentic written texts, audio texts, and visual texts about any topic besides, teachers can access online dictionaries, grammar and style checkers and also concordance. Technology provides not only more resources for teachers but also greater access to the target language they teach. So it helps us to change the time and the place of the learning.

In this post, I will specifically look at the use of “news” through the website BreakingNewsEnglish for English language learning and teaching.This site can help us with reading, writing, listening skills directly and also speaking indirectly. That’s why; I think this site helps target language (English) learners to improve their overall learning. Here is how. Continue reading “Using “News” for Learning English”

How to use Effectively

I review the website in this post beginning with an introduction of the site. After that, I like to share what this site offers to its visitors. Then, I will come to an end with how suitable it is for language learners. This site is designed mainly for learners who want to improve their grammar and writing skills in English but it also assists teachers of English. The site seems to be important to me since I am an English learner myself,as well as being a teacher candidate.

englishgrammar Continue reading “How to use Effectively”

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